Toyzon Snuggle Noodle Magical Blanket

Toyzon Snuggle Noddle magical blankets are every parent's dream and make the ultimate travel and everyday blanket. Super cozy and easy to wash, your little babe will love the way it feels on their skin and you'll love that it's no biggie when it gets dropped and dragged on the floor or in the grass. Throw on your magicians hat- with one simple pull you have a cuddly buddy to make bedtime and trips away from home a breeze.

Toyzon Snuggle Noodle Magical Blanket

  • Toyzon Snuggle Noodle Magical Blanket is made with luxuriously soft Mico Fiber & Cotton. The Snuggle Noodle Blanket & Pal self Pack blanket will always keep your little one company and happy. Snuggle Noodle Blanket & Pal self Pack blanket is made with super soft 100% Micro Fiber & Cotton Plush and is the perfect size to keep baby or any small child cozy on the go or at home. The Self-Pack feature is handy for when you need is as a Blanket or a Pal! They're machine washable and make for the perfect stroller blanket.

    • Baby Size/Age: One Size
    • Gender: Unisex
    • Luxuriously soft to the touch: 100% micro fiber flannel & ultra soft satin
    • You better believe it's the best bedtime buddy out there!
    • Designed with kids in mind: Easily transforms with one magical move into a soft plush cuddle buddy that will keep your babe company and help them sleep.
    • Stroller size: Perfect for babies or small children in and out of the house
    • Combination blanket and soft plush toy
    • Grows with child for a lifelong companion
    • Easy to wash and easy to carry
    • Soft and Cuddly
    • Comes with pet pal bag


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